Verify Your Renewed McAfee Subscription In Easy Steps

If you purchase a renewal McAfee activate license after your product’s expiration, you see a pop-up note saying that your McAfee software has expired. Since the outdated McAfee software cannot receive updates, it also cannot initiate notification that the expiration date has modified and you will endure receiving such notifications after the renewal of your expired license.

To stop the alert messages, you will need to uninstall and then re-install McAfee activate software that you recently renewed. However, sometimes users do not know whether the renewal has been successful or not. Therefore, it is always recommended to verify the renewal to make sure the software is licensed or not.

Before you step any further, make sure you have the access of your account on, if not, then you may need support by the officials. Otherwise, you can check your email inbox for an order confirmation email if you have purchased the subscription.


  • User’s name on the account
  • McAfee order number for the renewal
  • The date of product renewal
  • The name of the McAfee product that was renewed
  • The charge of the renewal with any applicable tax


  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Click on McAfee activate icon and click Login option
  3. Enter your details and proceed
  4. Go to My Account option and click Subscriptions
  • Your renewal purchase will show up in the section
  1. Click on My Account and then go to My Profile
  2. Validate that your McAfee expiration date has updated or not

As you perform these steps, you will know all your McAfee subscription details. And if your attempt of subscription renewal has failed, you can connect with the associated McAfee customer support provider to fix the issue, if there is any. Visit@:-

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