Norton Antivirus Software is an insurance suite that sweeps a PC for malware and infections and shields the client from turning into an injured individual to digital wrongdoings. A working and compelling antivirus program is basic for any PC framework to shield it from infections, security ruptures, and pernicious programming that can put delicate information in danger.

In the event that you have just introduced an antivirus program, for example, Norton antivirus programming, at that point you need not stress over it. If not, the initial step is to download and introduce the arrangement of the Norton Antivirus programming.


To download it, go to Snap on the “Sign in” choice at that point type the certifications like your email address and secret phrase.

From that point onward, enter your item key that you have gotten while buying Norton setup from an online store.

At that point download it utilizing Norton setup download and install in your PC by adhering to the given directions and snap on the Agree and Continue alternatives to complete the establishment procedure.


Here and there, you may want to set rejections in the Norton Antivirus programming since when the Norton programming recognizes any malware or malignant substance, it endeavors to erase and square it. With the assistance of the avoidance show, you can keep it from Norton Antivirus programming to make any move against projects or documents that you trust and know are not suspicious. Visit@:-

Nonetheless, you have to remember that the rejection of any document or envelope from Norton Antivirus diminishes the level of security of a PC since you are making it increasingly powerless to specific kinds of records. That is the reason avoidance should just be utilized for quite certain, confided in documents for which there is no uncertainty of any sort of suspicious movement.

When you have downloaded the product, open the Norton Security Manager. In the spring up window, go to the Settings choice. Another window will show up with six alternatives out of which you need to choose Antivirus. The subsequent window will show three tabs, one of them being Scans and Risks. Under this tab, you will discover a rundown of documents or organizers that are arranged as Exclusion/Low Risk.

In the wake of picking both of Items to Exclude from Scans or Items to Exclude from Auto-Protect SONAR and Download Intelligence Detection, contingent upon which setup is best for you, you can Add Files and Folders in the new window that shows up thus. When you are happy with the progressions you have made, you can tap on the Apply alternative to spare them. 

Visit@:- ❴

Setup, Download and install Norton Product

To setup, download, and install Norton product on your Pc these way:

On Firefox-

  • Type **** in the address bar press enter.
  • Fill the Norton setup key on the website after sign in or sign up.
  • Click on “download”.
  • It will give you a pop up to save it, click save and click at the upside down arrow on the top right corner of the Firefox and click the .exe file to run the setup.

On Microsoft edge

  • Follow the same Norton setup link.
  • Fill the setup key on the website after sign in or sign up.
  • Click on “download”.
  • It will give you a pop up to save it, click save and go the downloaded folder and clik the .ex file to run the setup.

On chrome

  • Follow the same Norton setup link.
  • Enter the Norton product key on the website after sign in or sign up.
  • Click on “download”.
  • It will start downloading on the left bottom corner, once it’s done, click the .exe file to run the setup.

Norton offers support to install the software on the computer same way we, here at superb support offers premium services to support the user to install Norton and other antivirus programs and other computer related issues.❴Plumbers Near Me

Kindly call (Toll Free) to get any Norton product or any other software related support or help to make sure your computer has the security to protect your privacy. Most of the time, even after having securities in the system, computer are vulnerable because of unknown factors.

How to Install Norton Antivirus on Windows

Step 1: Uninstall pre-installed antivirus, if any.

Step 2: Download the genuine and latest version of Norton Antivirus from the official site the CD/DVD for the Norton and insert into the drive.

Step 3: Enter the product key which is a 25 digit key that can be gotten via e-mail or in CD packets

Step 4: Continue with the default setting by selecting the NEXT option

Step 5: Accept the license and agreement terms by choosing YES.

Step 6: Norton setup with product key can be activated by going to Norton settings

Step 7: Read the instructions and continue with default settings. Then select OK, then NEXT and click DONE

Step 8: Congratulations on installing and completing Norton setup.

How to Install Norton Antivirus on Mac iOS

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Sign up for Norton account or sign in if you already have one.

Step 3: Enter your 25 digit Norton product key and click ENTER

Step 4: After activation of Norton antivirus, go to your Norton account and select your product option under services i.e Norton360, Norton security, Norton internet security, Norton security deluxe, Norton Antivirus, Norton security standard etc.

Step 5: Download the product for Mac and install. Wait until your Mac restarts

Step 6: Update your Norton product to the latest version

Step 7: Check firewall settings and update your operating system if needed.

Step 8: Run a full scan just to make sure it’s running well. ❴Bigpond Email Login

How to uninstall Norton on Windows

Step 1: Select the Windows you are using from the desktop tile.

Step 2: Bring up the charms bar

Step 3: Select ‘settings’, then control panel

Step 4: Choose ‘uninstall a program’

Step 5: Click on Norton app to remove and click also on ‘uninstall’

How to uninstall for Mac

Step 1: Go to your app folder and open Symantec solution folder

Step 2: Double click ‘Symantec uninstaller.’

Step 3: In the uninstall Symantec product window, select the box close to the Norton application to be uninstalled.

Step 4: Click uninstall.

Why should we install Norton antivirus?

Computers became precious to the lives of thousands around the world. Every facet of our everyday routine is reliant to pc procedures. Every sector of society is run by computer created system. No matter the many good benefits that come from computers, there are people who’re trying to destroy these production processes by creating computer programs geared toward destroying the computer system. They create viruses that damage computers when victims unintentionally open them. The advances in computer OS are continuing. ❴Commercial Plumbing

Experts are attempting to improve more these personal computers for individual and industrial use. There are also attempts to counter the worst of aftereffects of system viruses. In our day to day life, we are getting more into the digital systems to do our almost all the jobs including banking, shopping or even talking to our family and friends. When we get online there is a medium of “internet” through which we do all these tasks, we use different tools to do all these things. We use browsers or some web application or a software or any other digital tool. But we are more open to intrusions as internet is just a medium which needs security.

It’s like that a third party gives a proof that the programmer or applications functions as per it is specifications. Norton 360 security is simple to install throughout the web site The user needs to sign in to Norton as mentioned over there and follow some simple steps which is given above.

System requirements for installation of Norton

Norton Antivirus is a sound antivirus system that can be used on windows, mac, Linux, or any other operating system to give security and protection against system viruses. Norton support or Norton security has gained recognition in the detection, prevention, and removal of malware in a single PC or even smartphones.

Norton setup with product key is usually simple. Here are the system requirements for a Norton setup or Norton installation

  • Processor: for windows, you need a processor of 10/8/7:1Ghz
  • Ram: for windows, you need a RAM of 10:3 GB (recovery tool requires a minimum of 512MB RAM)

For Windows 8/7: 1GB (32 bit) or 2GB (64 bit) (minimum of 512MB RAM required for recovery tool)

  • Hard disk space: 300MB of available hard disk space

To be able to install Norton security on your phone or PC, you can follow the steps on or Proper installation is crucial to ensure adequate protection of your system against malware. You must update malware software regularly, especially when you receive a notification to do so. Norton security gives you all-around protection. 

We also provide instant help and support for software Setup, Activation & Installation of all type of PC, Laptop software. Kindly contact us for help and support online with these products.

In such a way you have effectively included a specific record or envelope to be prohibited from the Norton Antivirus Scan.

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How to Download and Install Office? – Office Installation is easy and yet the most complex thing for some. Here we are to guide you through some easy ways to Install and Setup Office.

To Setup, a complete Office package just follow our steps.

  1. Visit or office setup from your browser.
  2. You can use your favorite browser. Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla.
  3. Once the page loads, a page that says “Hello. Let’s get your Office” will appear.
  4. Now you can use this page to Sign In to your Microsoft Account.
  5. You can always create a new account if you do not already have a Microsoft Account.
  6. Once you are done with the Sign In, You will now be on the next step, where you need to put in your Product key, Country and Language.
  7. Country and Language are usually auto-selected as per the product key.
  8. After you click next, You product key will be verified and if the product key is right, you will be guided to a page where you can do a lot, You can manage your subscriptions, buy new ones or simply use the old ones.
  9. There will be an option to Download Office setup, That says Install Office. Click that. You will be guided to Installation Information Page.
  10. Now you can Hit Install and the download will start.
  11. Once the Download finishes, Run the file and the Office will be installed Automatically. – Office has become a really good part of the working and personal lives. Microsoft office is something that we really need to help ourselves with every day. This is really one of the best things that Microsoft has to build-up for us.

Microsoft Office is really very powerful and packed software. This software really makes your computing experience much better. Microsoft Office is not just a software for daily productivity but software that fills into your everyday needs. Microsoft Office packs in all the software that is really good for your computing.

Microsoft Office takes all the pain of making text documents and turns these things into something really beautiful and amazing. The office has a really good possibility of turning things into something really good and great. Microsoft is known for the capability of turning Power point Presentations into something really good and great.

We love to use PowerPoint and turn some basic presentations into great presentations. This is really something amazing. You can make sure that the presentations have all the images and your touch. This is really one of the most amazing features of the power point. Microsoft has even integrated AI in the ppt tool now.

Microsoft’s other Office apps are also known for their functionality. Not just that but Microsoft Office also packs in the beautiful interface at a reasonable price.

office setup:

1: Go to Office Setup website office setup.

Open any browser, visit office or office setup. This website is specifically built to guide you through the Office installation process.

2: Sign In to Microsoft Office Account.

Once you have visited the website office setup, you now need to sign in to your Microsoft Office Account or you can simply get create a new account if you do not have one.

3: Enter Product Key.

Now that you have logged in to Microsoft Account, You will need to type in your 25 Digit Alphanumeric Product key, that comes with your Microsoft Office Product. Select your Country and Language from Drop Down menus too.

4: Download the Installation File.

Once you have entered your product key and other information, Your product key will be verified and you will be guided to the next page. Here you will see your product and subscriptions. You can click on the Install button right next to your subscription information. Your Product Setup will start Downloading.

5: Run the Installation File.

Your File is downloaded, now you just need to click on that file and run it. You can manually run it from your downloads folder. You will get a prompt from your Operating system, click Agree and next. Your installation will Start.

6: Run Office Apps.

Wait for the installation process to complete, once it is complete you will get “You’re All Set” on the installation window. Now click finish and open any Office App. You will get a walk through the window and you will get a message that your Office is installed and Activated.

Smith Loo is an acclaimed technical writer and his articles have appeared in a number of tech websites. His articles contribute to the latest technology, solutions to technical issues in top branded printers, and viruses, and emails. He focuses on balancing informative contents along with all technical needs. Visit@:- Telstra Bigpond Webmail, 24 hour plumbers near me.

How To Set UP MS Office™ on your Mac device?

Microsoft has been an essential part of our day to day life since long. Be it Office or school, you cannot deny the fact that you entirely rely on MS Office for achieving daily targets. The suite which was initially started with very few applications such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint has grown significantly providing various apps and services for matching different needs of the people.

Microsoft Office setup is available in different versions such as Office 2013, Office 365, and more. Only the desktop version of Office is accessible on devices running on Windows as well as Mac Operating System. However, Office 365 can be accessed on every device.

Before continuing with the steps to deploy, you must ensure that your Office setup key is handy.

Procedure to install and activate MS Office on Mac OS

Given below are the steps to install and activate Office on Mac OS. This procedure is helpful for installing any Office suite or version.

1.       At first, visit the official website of MS Office.

2.       Log in to your Microsoft account, if you already have one.

3.       The account from which you log in should be the one which is linked with your Office subscription or it is a work or school account.

4.       Tap “Install Office” or “Install Office Apps” which you will see on the home page of the Office.

5.       Tap “install” under the desired version of Office.

6.       Follow the instructions to complete the Office installation process.

7.       Wait for a few minutes.

8.       Now, tap open “Finder” on your Mac.

9.       Go to the “Downloads”.

10.   You will see the Microsoft Office installer.pkg file. Double click on it.

11.   Click on the “continue” option in order to initiate the installation process.

(NOTE: if you see an error message saying Microsoft Office installer.pkg can’t be opened, in that case, move the file from downloads folder to the desktop.)

12.   Now press Ctrl + click. This will launch the Office installer file.

13.   Tap “Continue” to go through the software license agreement and click “Agree”.

14.   Now verify your Mac login credentials and tap “Install software”.

15.   Tap “close” when the Office installation process gets finished.

16.   After this, activate your Office using the product key.

17.   You are all set to use MS on your Mac device.

To conclude-

You can also visit to know more about Office and its applications. Here you will find different articles dedicated to help you throughout your Office experience. You will also get to know about various Office related updates. Do not forget to dial the support number if you come across any problem while working with any of the Office applications.

Smith is an acclaimed technical writer and his articles have appeared in a number of tech websites. His articles contribute to the latest technology, solutions to technical issues in top branded printers, and viruses, and emails. He focuses on balancing informative contents along with all technical needs. Visit@:- »  telstra bigpond »  Plumbers Near Me.

How does a Wireless Router Work?

When any electronic device connects to the internet, it does it through a specific hardware and that device is called a router. Such devices are used to connect computers and other smart devices like you phone or tablet with the data network. No wires are required to connect to the internet for these devices and hence such devices are called Wireless Router. 

So, to connect your computer or smart phone to the internet, these wireless routers can be used and the device that is connecting to the internet with the help of router does not need to pay for any subscription. A wireless router generally has a range of 100 meters; hence any device capable of accepting wireless data signals can do so if it is in the range. Visit@:- telstra bigpond.

But to access the internet through this router, a device user will have to enter the network name and a password associated with it. So, if a user is in the range of the wireless router, he can have access to the internet by using the network name along with the password associated with it.

What kinds of routers are available?

Basically, there two types of wireless routers, depending upon the usage. Let’s see which ones.

Home Use – These type of routers serve a small area and allows a user to connect his laptop within network range inside a house held as long as the laptop which is place in the wireless range. Here the router allows access to internet remotely. Visit@: Plumbers Near Me.

Office Use – As the name type suggest, it is used in offices or large workspaces. Although, this is a wired router, but it is cost effective. Here the internet can only be accessed if the LAN or Local Area Connection cable is connected to the computer or laptop.

How does a wireless router function?

A wireless router is based on plugging base set method, which is connected to a user’s internet connection. In this manner a user’s computer can access the internet. These routers enable to a user to stay online with a laptop, without having to connect through any other wire. But by using a router that has a wired connection, one can connect the router with a machine with the help of Ethernet line.

What makes the data transfer between the router and internet possible?

A wireless router works almost like your mobile phone. Data connections use radio signals instead of telephone lines to transmit and receive signals. Now, these radio wave allows a user to send and receive data from both ends. So, first the data is converted from a PC into radio signal and then transmitted and vice-versa. It is basically a two way connection radio device.

So now you know what exactly a wireless router is and how does it function.

Smith Leoo is an acclaimed technical writer and his articles have appeared in a number of tech websites. His articles contribute to the latest technology, solutions to technical issues in top branded printers, and viruses, and emails. He focuses on balancing informative contents along with all technical needs. Visit௹☞,» 

How To Find Out Plumbers Near Me

Is your kitchen water pipeline leaking? Water dribbling on the floor would be causing trouble and irritation. The intricate system of pipeline for water supply, drainage and sewage outflow can give you a severe headache when having an issue or even when a small fault is occurred. To resolve out the issue you try your best you will always need an expert to handle it. Plumbers In Maine are made for this. They are happy to help you.

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Problem Resolving Services

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Some Of The Potential Reasons To Hire The Best Plumbers In Illinois!

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How To McAfee AntiVirus Plus Download

Macs are prone to Trojans, ransomware, and other malware. Security companies handle Mac OS protection in a number of ways. Some just offer a Mac-specific antivirus tool and others include Mac protection in a cross-platform suite. Subscribing to McAfee AntiVirus Plus (for Mac) means getting protection for every Mac OS, Windows, Android, and iOS device in your household.

McAfee Anti-virus Plus adds a system optimizer, spam filters for both webmail and stand-alone email clients, and dedicated ransomware protection. It copies files under attack if it detects encrypting ransomware activity. Once the program has foiled the attack, Ransom Guard rolls back the files to their original contents.

Scans and Schedules

Most of the Mac antivirus utilities offer two kinds of scans, a full scan that covers your entire computer operations and a quick scan to spot hidden threats, malware and sweep most of the area for traces of infestation. McAfee sticks with the full scan as well as the custom scan. On MacBook, McAfee’s full scan finishes in 39 minutes. More@:-

McAfee also schedules a weekly full scan. If you don’t schedule a scan for your computer, you’ll still get a regular full scan. You can turn off scheduled scanning, or change it to daily or monthly, but you can’t add multiple scheduled scans at a time.

Phishing Protection Goes From Flop to the top

Phishing is a crime. An attacker creates a website that perfectly mimics a sensitive site, and disseminates links to that site. When an unsuspecting user logs in to that fake site, the attacker grabs the credentials and uses them to log into the victim’s bank and transfer funds from his account.

Visit@:- Plumbers Near Me

Firewall Bonus

A typical personal firewall performs two major tasks. First, it guards against attack by remote agencies. Second, it manages network permissions to make sure local programs don’t misuse the network in any way.

McAfee handles both tasks, but the Application Control component is no longer present which was a business decision, based on usage relative to the cost of maintenance.

Like the similar firewall in Intego Mac Internet Security X9, McAfee allows you to identify each network you join as Public, Home, or Work. On a public network, the firewall allows all outgoing traffic but blocks unwelcomed incoming traffic. If you flag the network as Home or Work, it allows unwelcomed incoming traffic from within the local network.

If you’re a total network wizard, you can go to “Manage Rules” in the firewall’s settings dialog. But the dialog that lets you create custom firewall rules is daunting and most users shouldn’t touch it.


It’s excellent that McAfee AntiVirus Plus (for Mac) covers every Mac you own with a single subscription. It covers all your devices that run on other platforms as well. For anti-phishing tests on Mac, it’s more of a manual process.

In the anti-phishing testing, McAfee blocks every single fraudulent website. Whether you seek result-oriented, certified yet incorruptible antivirus protection for your Mac, McAfee AntiVirus Plus is recommended to you as it provides full-scale protection followed by qualitative features with a price tag that is affordable for everyone.

Smith is an acclaimed technical writer and his articles have appeared in a number of tech websites. His articles contribute to the latest technology, solutions to technical issues in top branded printers, and viruses, and emails. He focuses on balancing informative contents along with all technical needs. Visit@:- Telstra Support.

A guide for distinctive qualities between PubG and Fortnight

Both PUBG and Fortnite have entered a new arena to fight for the battle royal. Both the games are currently ruling the mobile gaming world and are now fighting for a bigger piece of the mobile gaming pie.

Both games are immensely popular and are clear pioneers of the genre but despite their much similarity, there are some differences between the 2 biggest battle royales for mobile devices. It is so obvious that a comparison between Fortnite and PUBG is near to impossible as both the games are superbly designed and differences being stylistic. Both games are great and have been judged by the rate at which they are updated.

1. Fortnite vs PUBG- About visual styling

Both the games are trustworthy recreations of their PC counterparts; this includes their distinct visual styles. The developers of both the games have simplified the realistic graphics of Battlegrounds for the mobile version, but the essence is still present. In PUBG, the characters, maps, guns, and locations are all realistic. However, with Fortnite, there is a more cartoony approach towards the graphics.

2. Fortnite vs PUBG –  About the Gameplay

The gameplay for both the games is the same. In gameplays widely seen, the players are dropped onto an island with 99 other game players. From there you collect weapons in order to fight until the last man standing.

A comparison between both the games is almost the same with a slight difference being the features during the gunfights.  The PUBG is intense and fights are designed in a real sense, whereas Fortnite gives the players to play more actions.

3.  Fortnite vs PUBG – About the Controls

As far as controls of mobile shooting games go, the controls of PUBG mobile are hard pressed but there are several control schemes, which are built in features and give the option to customize according to the player. Whereas, in Fortnite there is no such feature to customize your controls.

4. Fortnite vs PUBG – About the Cross-platform experience

The major difference between both the games is how connected the mobile games are with the Pc game.  PUBG is a standalone game in mobile version whereas Fortnite is same as other gaming versions.


5.  Fortnite vs PUBG – About the Bots

PBG’s decision to introduce bots into the battle royale was one of the main things that separate it from Fortnite. The bots in PUBG Mobile makes the game more enjoyable, better than the Fortnite.

6.  Fortnite vs PUBG – About the Maps and game modes

The Major difference between both the games is the number of locations, maps and game modes they offer. PUBG uses interactive maps whereas Fortnite uses the exact map as it is in the PC version.

7.  Fortnite vs PUBG – About the auto pick up and other mobile-only features

Both PUBG and Fortnite mobile games add a few mobile-only features in order to make the game more realistic and playable on touchscreen devices. These include features like aim assist, directional indicators, and auto pick-up. Whereas,

Fortnite features an additional golden indicator for chests, which contains powerful weapons.

Wrapping up:- 

Both games are great in features and are free but offer completely different battle royale experiences.

PUBG Mobile does a little more to adapt its gameplay experience whereas Fortnite has much deeper efforts to keep the fans intact with their gaming experiences.

Hey, I’m Smith Leo. I’m a web developer living in California. I am a fan of technology, design, and web development. I’m also interested in camping and snowboarding. You can visit my website with a click on the button above.  Visit@:-