McAfee will soon feature new security solutions to protect e-wallets

The relentless march of digitization is pushing the world toward a cashless economic, which is quite comfortable and effective but involves a fair share of risks as online threats are emerging nowadays, and many people are opting for online transactions. The uncontrollable demand of digitization and online transactions gave birth to digital wallets, which is similar to a personal wallet; however, the only difference is that you don’t have to carry it in your pocket so reduces the risk of theft or snatching. However, whenever a new technology arises, hackers and cyber criminals intensify their attempts to break in.

McAfee will soon feature new security solutions to protect e-wallets

Why should you spend more time on looks and safety features of your website?

That’s why it would be a great improvement to know how to make a safe online transaction without any interruptions of unethical activities. Digital world is expanding at a rapid pace, spreading like a wildfire across the world.  However, many of us are digital immigrants and hesitate at the thought of making transaction via digital wallets as it involves a considerable risk of frauds and Scams.

McAfee Company in India unveils plan to introduce e-wallet security

Indian has a population of over 1.3 Billion, which means India has the largest number of e-wallets in contrast to any other country. The growing figure of e-wallets in India is exaggerating and is expanding to economically inferior regions, which is an open opportunity for fraudsters and scammers to trick users out of their money. Unfortunately, the incidents of frauds and Scams with e-wallet users are set in motion and gaining pace with each passing day.

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