How To Set UP MS Office™ on your Mac device?

Microsoft has been an essential part of our day to day life since long. Be it Office or school, you cannot deny the fact that you entirely rely on MS Office for achieving daily targets. The suite which was initially started with very few applications such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint has grown significantly providing various apps and services for matching different needs of the people.

Microsoft Office setup is available in different versions such as Office 2013, Office 365, and more. Only the desktop version of Office is accessible on devices running on Windows as well as Mac Operating System. However, Office 365 can be accessed on every device.

Before continuing with the steps to deploy, you must ensure that your Office setup key is handy.

Procedure to install and activate MS Office on Mac OS

Given below are the steps to install and activate Office on Mac OS. This procedure is helpful for installing any Office suite or version.

1.       At first, visit the official website of MS Office.

2.       Log in to your Microsoft account, if you already have one.

3.       The account from which you log in should be the one which is linked with your Office subscription or it is a work or school account.

4.       Tap “Install Office” or “Install Office Apps” which you will see on the home page of the Office.

5.       Tap “install” under the desired version of Office.

6.       Follow the instructions to complete the Office installation process.

7.       Wait for a few minutes.

8.       Now, tap open “Finder” on your Mac.

9.       Go to the “Downloads”.

10.   You will see the Microsoft Office installer.pkg file. Double click on it.

11.   Click on the “continue” option in order to initiate the installation process.

(NOTE: if you see an error message saying Microsoft Office installer.pkg can’t be opened, in that case, move the file from downloads folder to the desktop.)

12.   Now press Ctrl + click. This will launch the Office installer file.

13.   Tap “Continue” to go through the software license agreement and click “Agree”.

14.   Now verify your Mac login credentials and tap “Install software”.

15.   Tap “close” when the Office installation process gets finished.

16.   After this, activate your Office using the product key.

17.   You are all set to use MS on your Mac device.

To conclude-

You can also visit to know more about Office and its applications. Here you will find different articles dedicated to help you throughout your Office experience. You will also get to know about various Office related updates. Do not forget to dial the support number if you come across any problem while working with any of the Office applications.

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