How to use Shopify sites securely using McAfee Secure

Many online stores are now relying on McAfee Secure service for their security purposes. As the customers of such sites will feel safe and secure to do shopping from such sites. You can use the McAfee Secure app on Shopify and can get the Trustmark, which will assure your customers that they are using a website, which is secure and protected completely.

What is McAfee Secure?

McAfee Secure application turns your potential customers into buyers by making them feel safe. The constant rise in data breaching has caused to fear and as a small business owner you need to accelerate these security concerns to grasp new business. It displays a security batch, and hence the customers get to know that they are protected and safe with McAfee.

Why McAfee Secure?

  • You can scan your site for virus, malware and other malicious activities.
  • You can increase sales and do sales conversions by reminding your customers that they will get complete web security.
  • Potential buyers feel protected and secure.

Many of the Shopify stores are choosing to avail the McAfee Secure services.  Few Shopify sites, which use McAfee secure, are mentioned below-

  • My Medic medical shop site

My Medic is one of the best first aid kits and supplies makers. They are using both McAfee SECURE floating Trustmark and Shopper Identity Protection Trust mark, In order to show visitors that their site can be trusted.

My Medic strategically displays the Shopper Identity Protection Trust mark near high engagement areas, where all your potential buyers are most likely to drop off in case they have any security concerns.

  • Meister Watches

Master Watches are the designers of contemporary watches, which display the floating Trust mark on all pages as well as on their product pages. This double placement of Trust mark shows visitors that Meister Watches takes their customer’s security very seriously.

  • Premium Vape NZ shopping site

Premium Vape NZ is one of the premium distributors of excellent vaping products. It displays the Trust mark on all the web pages of their products, and this reminds the visitors that they are safe throughout the entire shopping process.

  • iWantZone

iWantZone is one of the best sellers of products and accessories. They are known for their quality in customer service. To maintain loyalty with their customers, they use Trustmark on their webpage. This shows they care for their customer’s security.

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7 Best Fitness Trackers in 2019

If you find it hard to stay fit on your own, fitness trackers can be your best companion. They have evolved with the passing time and able to track everything from your calories to the traveled distance to much more. You can even control your sleeping patterns with the help of fitness trackers. A wide range of fitness trackers are available today in the market, and you get plenty of options to choose. Here are the best fitness trackers with a different set of features and prices.

7 Best Fitness Trackers in 2019

Top fitness trackers available in 2019:

1. Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3 is one of the best fitness trackers available in the market. It features an out of the box and classy design, which makes it ideal for both personal and professional use. Its battery can last for almost a week, and you can use this fitness tracker with any of your Android or iPhone devices. Also, the Fitbit Charge 3 is water-resistant and offers more accurate heart rate than other fitness trackers. You don’t even need GPS to run this outstanding fitness tracker.

2. Garmin Vívomove HR

If you choose style over everything, the Garmin Vívomove HR is the perfect solution for you. It monitors heart rate round the clock with the help of an elevate wrist heart rate technology. This fitness tracker is designed to look like an analog watch but offers all the fitness features such as sleep tracking, step, and heart rate count, and smart notifications. The Garmin Vívomove HR works perfectly on both iOS and Android.

3. Moov Now

With plenty of exciting tracking features, the Moov Now is one of the most exciting fitness trackers. It primarily notifies you related to coaching and workouts and then lets you know about other necessary activities and sleep tracking. To motivate you to stay fit from time to time, it has a voice coaching feature.

4. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro comes as a thin GPS fitness tracker. It supports both Android or iOS and features an outstanding screen. Samsung has already won the hearts and trust of millions of its user all around the world, and with this fitness tracker, it is trying to set a benchmark in the fitness industry as well.

5. Huawei Band 2 Pro

Stay fit and healthy with the use of Huawei Band 2 Pro. It controls plenty of things through the Huawei app such as sleep, heart rate, oxygen rate, messaging, calls, and more. Not only your physical wellbeing, but even your mental wellbeing is targeted with this fitness tracker.

6. Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 offers a  20-day battery life and is fully waterproof. Its OLED display is bigger than most of the fitness trackers and has more space for information. You can easily track your heart-rate, sleep as well as steps with this low-weight wristband.

7. Misfit Ray

The Misfit Ray is yet another great fitness tracker with good looks and stylish design. Its battery life is impressive, and the app is easy to use as well. Get the motivation to stay fit with ease through the Misfit Ray fitness tracker.

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McAfee will soon feature new security solutions to protect e-wallets

The relentless march of digitization is pushing the world toward a cashless economic, which is quite comfortable and effective but involves a fair share of risks as online threats are emerging nowadays, and many people are opting for online transactions. The uncontrollable demand of digitization and online transactions gave birth to digital wallets, which is similar to a personal wallet; however, the only difference is that you don’t have to carry it in your pocket so reduces the risk of theft or snatching. However, whenever a new technology arises, hackers and cyber criminals intensify their attempts to break in.

McAfee will soon feature new security solutions to protect e-wallets

Why should you spend more time on looks and safety features of your website?

That’s why it would be a great improvement to know how to make a safe online transaction without any interruptions of unethical activities. Digital world is expanding at a rapid pace, spreading like a wildfire across the world.  However, many of us are digital immigrants and hesitate at the thought of making transaction via digital wallets as it involves a considerable risk of frauds and Scams.

McAfee Company in India unveils plan to introduce e-wallet security

Indian has a population of over 1.3 Billion, which means India has the largest number of e-wallets in contrast to any other country. The growing figure of e-wallets in India is exaggerating and is expanding to economically inferior regions, which is an open opportunity for fraudsters and scammers to trick users out of their money. Unfortunately, the incidents of frauds and Scams with e-wallet users are set in motion and gaining pace with each passing day.

Visit@:- McAfee Security Solutions

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Why should you spend more time on looks and safety features of your website?

A bad looking website is like a scar on the face of your brands and products. Your website can give you thousands of enthusiastic visitors to boost your conversation rate, or pull your business into the abyss of darkness if it has an ugly face Visit@:- If you decide to orchestrate a new website, keep in mind the future aspirations of your business campaigns as it highlights your reputation and competitive growth. It must reflect your brand appropriately and feature your products more attractively. Otherwise, they might put your website on hold and seek other options.

How McAfee can protect your website from infected files?

If you’re exclusively running your business through an online platform with no presence of retailers or marketers, or any physical outlet, your website is the only place where people can avail whatever you’re selling. In the worst-case scenario, if your website contains infected links that is harmful to the browsing speed of visitor’s own device, they will never come back. McAfee ensures that your devices stay protected from such websites.

McAfee SiteAdvisor

However, if an infected website can scare potential customers, a good one will experience vast traffic of shoppers and visitors who take their time to analyze your products and might end up into buying something. They visit several websites at a time to get the best offers on what they seek online. In their desperation, they sometimes stumble upon websites that are only fabricated as a tool to infiltrate your digital privacy, which is quite risky. People want to learn more about your business, products and services. It would be wise to ensure that your website is user-friendly with easy navigation and equipped with both charm and safety features. Therefore, people can revisit your site anytime without having anything to fear.

Soon, McAfee will introduce a new security feature that will change the browsing experience of millions of customers across the world.

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McAfee offers a wide range of security solutions for Windows and Mac users. With McAfee products on your device, you can be sure of the complete privacy of your data, software and applications. McAfee antivirus also ensures safe browsing and safe downloading of all the attachments you download from your email. It automatically blocks the websites that seems suspicious or infected with viruses.  With a number of McAfee security software available, you can select the one depending upon the specific needs of your home or business PC. Before you buy any of the security solution or McAfee antivirus, check these two Product Key
  1. Your system should meet the required specifications for the particular McAfee product you are planning to purchase
  2. There should not be any other McAfee security solution already installed on your device

Once you verify these two things, you have to download, install and activate the McAfee product. For this follow the below mentioned steps:

McAfee activate– Download

  1. Visit McAfee official website,
  2. Sign in to your McAfee account by entering the registered email ID and password
  3. Click Sign up or register if you are a new user
  4. Enter the required details to create an account
  5. Now, download your purchased McAfee product
  6. Read the license agreement and agree to continue
  7. Wait until the download completes

McAfee activate– Installation

  1. Double-click or choose any other action (depending upon the browser you are using) to the downloaded setup to start the installation process
  2. Enter your McAfee activate product key, if required
  3. Click Next to continue
  4. Let the installation finish!

McAfee activate- Activation

  1. Redeem the product key by redeeming it from your email ID (online purchase) or from the backside of your McAfee retail card (offline purchase)
  2. In case of offline purchase, check the activation link mentioned on the retail card
  3. Visit this link, choose the country and preferred language
  4. Enter the registration number mentioned on the card
  5. Provide your registered email ID
  6. Click Submit followed by Verify
  7. In case of an online purchase, open the McAfee product
  8. Enter the product key for activation under activate section
  9. You can also directly click on the notification that alerts you for activating your installed McAfee activate.
  10. Enter the McAfee product key
  11. Click Activate and it’s done!

If you find any issue, including lost your McAfee activate product key, downloading error, installation error or activation error while following the aforementioned steps, contact McAfee customer support team and get an instant solution by a certified technician.

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These days it has become compulsory to install an antivirus in your computer. Without it, your computer is open to all kinds of threats and attacks. You can find many brands of antivirus in the market. Good and strong antivirus software should be able to give maximum protection to your system. Therefore, you must make the choice sensibly. Modern day devices come pre-loaded with antivirus software. You just have to activate it and you can get started. You can do so by just clicking on the link Here are a few steps for how you can activate your pre-installed Mcafee software.

  • In your computer, you have to open your Mcafee software. In the application, you will find ‘your subscription’ option. Usually, you can find the option under the tab ‘my info’ but the location may be different for different brands.
  • Under the option, ‘edit profile’, you have to click the option. After that, you will enter the website.
  • You have to type your email address and click on the next button.
  • You have to create a password. Remember that you should always give a strong password. Your password must contain letters, numbers and symbols. After that, you have to click on the next option.

By following the above steps, your account will be created and your software would be activated. It is also suggested that for activating the software, you must use your present email id. In any case, you forget your password, a mail will be sent to you. also, you can take the help from technical support if in any case, you are unable to register using the above steps.

How to Synchronise Your New Mcafee My Account with Your Installed Software

  • You will find a tool tray in the application. There you have to right click on the Mcafee icon. After that, click on verify the subscription.
  • As soon as the process is completed, you must open the McAfee software and click on your subscription option.
  • Check the expiry dates in mcafee activate and you are all set.

Why You Should Install McAfee Antivirus in Your Computer?

The benefits of good antivirus are numerous. In fact, it has become compulsory to install it in your system. Here are some of the reasons why you should install Mcafee on your computer:

  • Your system is protected from a wide range of malware, viruses, Trojans, spyware etc.
  • You get to enjoy the benefits of a personal firewall of Mcafee. It also comes free with the software. Not every antivirus has the feature.
  • It effectively and efficiently controls the malicious sites and links. It will constantly warn you against opening any harmful link. This way it keeps your system safe from threats by continuously analysing the sites.
  • Mcafee is comparatively simple to use. You can easily use it to scan at different modes.
  • Mcafee is certified software so you can safely use it. It effectively removes the virus and all kinds of malicious software from your computer. It also efficiently detects the harmful software and removes them completely.
  • Mcafee scans your entire system within the standard time and constantly reminds you of any updates it needs to give.
  • The help and support system of the software is also very useful. You can watch video tutorials and make good use of them. You can get your queries answered anytime from the support system online through chatting.

Whether you are using or any other software, you must always judge the pros and cons before you make the purchase. An antivirus should be able to cover maximum threats and dangers to your computers. You can easily purchase your antivirus online or from the retailer. The process of activation may vary for different software but you can easily activate it using some simple steps.

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