How to block the pathway for malicious web pages on Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge, a web browser that came along with Windows 10. This latest in-built browser came as the replacement of Internet Explorer. Although Internet Explorer is still being used by Windows users this browser has come up with multiple features designed uniquely to meet the growing needs of the people.

Microsoft Edge has improved radically within a very few years. It has added support features for extensions to achieve the speed goals against its competitors. People who use Microsoft Edge will experience improved capabilities with all websites along with good battery life and hardware assimilation on all windows device. Visit@:- office setup.

Why there is need to block certain web pages?

Blocking a few websites is required in certain cases. As a responsible individual, you may not want your child to go through certain websites that contain malicious or improper content. Malicious content is generally available on websites to steal your personal information. This information could be used as a weapon against you or some illegal activities could be carried on using your identity.

These websites tend to contain links to other malicious websites meant to infect the target system with harmful spyware, malware, viruses, and Trojans. This task is carried forward without the knowledge of the victim. With the intention to inject malicious codes to the victim’s device, these web pages mimic original legitimate websites or may Office setup from your system.

Steps to block malicious websites

It’s quite easy to block websites on other browsers but it is not the case with Microsoft Edge as there is no direct operation to perform this task because Microsoft is still on the pathway to awake and upgrade Edge. You can block unlimited web pages from your Edge.

  1. 1.       First, open the “Windows System Drivers”.
  2. 2.       Look for the host file and select it.
  3. 3.       To make your search process easier you may need to go to the “Drivers”.
  4. 4.       Now, Press CTRL+F together and type the word “hosts”.
  5. 5.       Double click the output.
  6. 6.       In case you encounter issues while doing this, you need to edit the permission level in the settings.
  7. 7.       Go to the “Properties” under which you will find “Security Tab”.
  8. 8.       Now click “Security Tab”.

9.       Go to “Permissions” and tap the “Advance” button.

10.   Now, select “Add” followed by “Principle”.

  1. 11.   Under “Enter the subject name” column, add the username which you use for Windows.
  2. 12.   Simply, type the sequence and the website’s address and press “Enter”
  3. 13.   Now, type a new sequence and do the same.
  4. 14.   “Save” and “Close” the hosts’ file that you saved in Notepad.
  5. 15.   With this, the process of blocking the website ends. Visit@:-

By summing up-

If you try to access the blocked website, Edge will tell the user that it cannot reach that web page. The best thing about blocking a site on Edge is that it blocks the particular website on other browsers as well. Blocking a malicious website will allow you to help prevent infection or theft of sensitive data while you are surfing the internet.

Smith Loo is an acclaimed technical writer and his articles have appeared in a number of tech websites. His articles contribute to the latest technology, solutions to technical issues in top branded printers, and viruses, and emails. He focuses on balancing informative contents along with all technical needs. Visit@:- Bigpond Webmail .

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