How to change Desktop Alerts settings for Windows 10

As a matter of course, Outlook shows a Desktop Alert when you get another email, a gathering demand, or an assignment demand for 5 seconds, and afterward the warning vanishes from your work area. Notwithstanding, there are no span settings in Outlook. You just can turn on or turn off work area alarms. Difficult to accept, yet you will discover the length in the Ease of Access bunch that contains settings for individuals with vision issues.

Standpoint notices for Windows are advantageous for occupied individuals and spare a great deal of time. Cautions show the sender and the subject of the message, meeting demand, and extra subtleties like the initial two lines of the email content, or date, time, and area of the gathering, or the beginning date of the assignment. Be that as it may, the imperceptibility is restricted by 5 seconds, and you can without much of a stretch miss a basic caution. 

To expand the term of work area cautions, do the accompanying: 

1. Open the Control Panel. 

2. In the Control Panel, pick Ease of Access: 

3. In the Control Panel\Ease of Access, pick Ease of Access Center: 

4. In the Control Panel\Ease of Access\ Ease of Access Center, under Explore all settings, click Use the PC without a showcase: 

5. In the Control Panel\Ease of Access\Ease of Access Center\Use the PC without a showcase, under Adjust time points of confinement and blazing visuals, in the How long should Windows warning exchange boxes remain open? list, pick the work area ready term you like: 

6. Snap OK. 

Microsoft Outlook wants to advise you of new messages, and it will utilize sounds, on-screen pop-ups and your framework plate to advise you that an email has shown up. In the event that you would prefer it utilize none, a few or those alternatives, you can change this setting as long as you probably are aware where to look.

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