What is technology?

The advancement in our day-to-day life is because of the advent of the latest technologies implemented in different spheres. From using a smartphone to switch on a light to using a beard trimmer, everything is because of the technological advancement we have made since hunting wild animals with weapons and discovering fire.

What is technology?

It is a very broad definition that can be summed in the following way. The word ‘technology’ is derived from ‘techne’ and logia, two Greek words. ‘Techne’ means science. It also stands for the philosophical meaning of using scientific knowledge. ‘Logia’ means the art of using skills and different techniques to accomplish a particular motive.

After combining both the Greek words, the perfect definition is derived as – ‘The art of using specific scientific skills and knowledge to accomplish a motive of making an approach better and easier.’

If we consider a few examples in our everyday life, we can easily understand and answer ‘what is technology’ and how it has impacted our day-to-day life.

Technology is everywhere

There is a fine line of difference between science and technology. Science paves the way to invent a new technology or an innovative way to solve an existing pain point. Technology makes tasks easier to accomplish and make our lives better. It goes hand-in-hand with science to deliver knowledge and ways to mankind.

In every aspect of our life, we use technology. The invention of several ways to tame energy and provide us light at night is technology. In fact, using a mobile phone to talk, converse or chat with another user is the result of innovations in the telecommunication industry.

Both sides of a coin

After we have found the appropriate answer to the question ‘what is technology?’, the first thing that comes in mind is the disastrous side of many innovations. Scientists have managed to harvest energy from different sources. One such source is nuclear fission. This same technology is used to manufacture nuclear bombs, the most devastating weapon mankind has invented. It has the power of annihilating a city within seconds.

It all depends on the way we see and use technology. From using a catapult to hurl big stones to designing devastating weapons, technology has come so far. The intention behind using a technology decides the after-effect. Malicious technologies impart harm in different ways whereas convenient technologies solve problems riddling our daily life. The answer to the question ‘what is technology?’ keeps getting bigger and longer.

Advancement in technology

Technology is a dynamic platform where every aspect evolves according to the advancement of needs. It keeps on transforming and catering to our specific requirements. In fact, technology has witnessed the industrial revolution. It is now part and parcel of the information age providing excellent gadgets and infrastructure for domestic and commercial uses.

Every company on the top list is exploring the new possibilities of existing technologies and also scouting new dimensions to explore. Previously, small ventures did not have the capability of affording big technologies. The best technological tools were restricted to the bigger players holding the bigger portion of a market. These days, a significant advancement in almost every technological sector has made these factors absolutely feasible. Technology brings down the price of products and services by creating a new economic environment for all the entities.

Various instances of technology

The prime reason for using technology in different spheres is to eradicate pain points and to achieve or accomplish tasks in a fruitful way. Let us find some of the best examples.

  1. Internet of Things

We all have Wi-Fi connection replacing LAN so that you can use smart devices to connect with the internet and accomplish our tasks. To take it a new level, the introduction of the ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’, new devices are being made that can access or can be accessed using a network. For instance, smart doorbell cameras can be accessed using IoT. You can also control your various electronic devices such as lights, printer, TV, and other digital machines using such infrastructure. From home security to easement of chores, IoT has revolutionized our daily life.

  1. Construction and designing

Previously, the blueprints of any construction site were developed on paper. It was hard for the architects, construction engineers, and other professionals to connect with a new idea and visualize the outcome. The invention of different software platforms and visual technology has led to the foundation of a brilliant infrastructure that allows professionals to see a construction project before finishing it. In fact, certain software programs help us to detect any clash in the design before even initiating construction. Hence, representing design in 2D or 3D format has been transformed by a better audiovisual dimension.

  1. Virtual Reality

When it comes to an augmented virtual environment, it will remain incomplete without mentioning the contribution of virtual reality (VR). The technology of showcasing new ideas mixing real-world objects via brilliant software platforms is changing every industry. Be it entertainment or e-commerce, heavy industry or tourism, healthcare or training, VR has the best applications developed to support the needs.

Final words

Technology has made us efficient in terms of resources and time. As mentioned earlier, it depends on how we use technology. The implication of technology is remarkable. Visit௹☞  Water Heater Repair »  office.com/setup » office.com/setup » norton.com/setup.. Norton product key

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